247 Outdoor Truck Kiosk

247 Outdoor Truck Kiosk

247 Outdoor Truck Kiosk

Vehicle Management, Access Control, Weigh Bridge, Depot Security

Outdoor Truck Kiosk – With security at the forefront of any business decisions, we have come up with an outdoor kiosk solution that can be adapted to fit the requirements of any customer with over 700 units currently in use since 2006 in 14 countries.

The Outdoor Truck Kiosk has multiple uses:

  • Vehicle management
  • Access control
  • Port security
  • Weigh bridges
  • Goods control
  • Unmanned services
  • Visitor management
  • Contractor management

View full specification below or take a look at our full range of kiosks here.

Why our Outdoor Truck Kiosk works…….


We use Litemax High Bright LED backlit screens

Each outdoor kiosk has an air curtain to keep screen cool

70,000 MTBF hours, 0 to 50 degrees centigrade operating temperature

Temperature control

The inside temperature of the outdoor truck kiosk can vary depending on the weather conditions. All temperatures are internal kiosk temperatures and not outside / weather temperatures. The temperature inside the outdoor kiosk range are kept to around 18C and 21C.

  • When the temperature hits 15C inside, we start the heater to prevent condensation.
  • The fans keep running on a very low level to keep changing the air inside. This stops condensation.
  • If the unit falls below 5C the fans stop. Only the heater will be active.
  • With higher temperatures the fans speed will gradually increase to change the air and cool down the unit.
  • If the temperature exceeds 55C the electrical components will turn off but the fans will still run at maximum speed.

Controller Unit

The regulation and activation of the fans and heater is run by our own controller. It measures both internal humidity and temperature.

  • Automatic control of fans and heater which is controlled through PWM.
  • Can emergency shut down electronics if the unit surpasses too low / high internal temperatures.
  • Safety boot after emergency shutdown. Runs fans and heater until internal temperatures and humidity are at a low level where components are safe to boot.
  • Monitoring fans and heater to check performance and status.

Standard Hardware Specification 

  • Wallmount, Freestanding, Extended Height
  • 19″ 5:4 1280 x 1024 HB sunlight readable screen – 1600 Nits
  • 22″ 16:9 FHD HB sinlight readable screen – 1600 Nits
  • Single / Dual / Quad screens, portrait or landscape
  • Zytronic PCAP toughened touchscreen
  • Triple seals – fully weatherproof for 20 to +40
  • Dirak security locking system
  • Powder coated aluminium in any RAL colour

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