Airport Touch Screen Kiosk

Airport Touch Screen Kiosk

Our airport touch screen kiosk solution is designed to integrate with border control management systems at country borders at airports and seaports.

  • Streamlined aggregation of arrival and departure records.
  • Integrated collection customs verification.
  • Easy to use multi-lingual interactive screen.
  • Real time encrypted verification.
  • Queue busting solution.
  • Low cost of ownership model.
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Features and benefits of our airport touch screen kiosk

Interactive Touch Screen

Optimally sized high-resolution capacitive touch screen with an anti-bacterial surface.

Travel Document Reader

Reads machine readable travel documents including passports, ePassports and visa’s.

Printed Receipts

The internal printer provides passengers with a printed receipt.

High Resolution Camera

Embedded high resolution camera with automatic focus and lighting for optimal images.

Fingerprint Reader

Simple process to read passenger fingerprints and capture bio-metric information.

Integrated Keypad

Configurable soft input method allows different layouts to cater for varying user capabilities.

Airport touch screen kiosk specifications


Kiosk Dimensions

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