SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

The SmartCurve touch screen kiosk is our flagship touch screen kiosk with cutting edge, attractive design – guaranteed to stand out in any leisure, retail, hospitality or business environment. The glass front of the touch screen kiosk is printed entirely to your design giving a superb branding opportunity.

The design is extremely durable as we have developed a unique print on glass technique whereby the print is actually on the reverse of the glass. This eliminates wear and tear and keeps the design fresh for many years

  • Stand out design
  • Photo quality print on glass process for outstanding branding
  • Sign up members and take their photos with built-in camera
  • Up to 4 colour wristbands
  • Membership card dispensing
  • Fully attended and semi-attended payment solution
  • Food ordering in QSR’s

The SmartCurve touch screen kiosk has a high level of modularity making it easy to integrate devices such as payment terminals, wristband printers, cameras, contactless readers and many others into the kiosk design. With a wide front opening door, the SmartCurve gives easy access to all internal devices, making it quick and easy to change media or service the kiosk.

Also available is the SmartCurve card printing kiosk, SmartCurve wristband printing kiosk and SmartCurve ticket printing kiosk . We are also able to supply your membership cards and wristbands

We offer a bespoke design to meet your exact requirements.

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  • Smart, Attractive Design – Easy to sell to operatin Smart, Attractive Design g companies, leisure club owners etc.
  • Modern, cutting edge look – would look good in any Modern, cutting edge look leisure centre, hotel foyer, shop or fast food outlet.
  • High Level of modularity – Easy to integrate a wide High Level of modularity range of peripheral devices, such as Payment terminals.
  • Superb branding opportunities – Superb branding opportunities opportunities – vinyl under glass to any design you wish, very flexible and highly effective. Extremely durable. Will still look good after years of use, unlike a vinyl wrap.
  • Large 22” touch Large 22” touchscreen – Brighter, more attractive, easier to use. Improves customer experience.
  • New wristband printer – Easier to change media. No p New wristband printer arts to lose! Improves user experience.
  • Increased wristband capacity – Up to 450 from 250. Increased wristband capacity Improved design, removes chance of adhesive clogging cutter. Improved reliability. Less frequent reel changes.
  • Ability to mount up to 4 wristband printers – Can now offer multi-coloured time-slot monitoring.
  • Wide, front opening door – Wide, front opening door. Easy access to all internal parts, easier to change media, easy for engineer access.
  • All in one screen and PC – Fewer parts. Greater relibility All in one screen and PC. ability. Neater internal wiring
SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

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wristband touch screen kiosk SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

For wristband printing

SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

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SmartCurve touch screen kiosk

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