What is a ticket kiosk?

What is a ticket kiosk?

What is a ticket kiosk?

All Right Now’s Ticket Kiosk is a customer facing point of sale system for customers to buy tickets. With the ticket kiosk your customers will be able to:

  • Select an event
  • Choose the type of ticket they want
  • Select how many tickets they require
  • Pay for their tickets
  • Pick how they would like to receive their tickets (email, SMS or QR code).

Customers who have already purchased their tickets can simply print their tickets off at the kiosk by entering a reference number which is provided at the time of booking or by scanning a QR code.

A ticket kiosks can be wall mounted, free standing or desktop and have the following benefits:

  • Robust outdoor kiosk
  • Ticket printing
  • Receipt printing
  • Card payment facility
  • Custom branding

What are the benefits of a ticket kiosk?

All Right Now’s ticket kiosks are tailor made to suit your requirements. The robustness of the integrated software is matched by the sleek, resilient design of the hardware giving you excellent performance in even the busiest of environments. The benefits of a ticketing kiosk include:

  • Reducing staffing costs and increasing revenue
  • Eliminating human error
  • Queue busting customer experience
  • Freeing up space (in reception areas for example)



Where are ticket kiosks suitable for?



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Customers can either purchase tickets or collect pre booked tickets through the cinema ticket collection kiosk. Reducing queues and increasing revenue.

Bus / Coach Stations

Customers can pre book coaches and busses online or via and app to collect tickets or book direct through the bus ticket collection kiosk.


Customers can collect boarding passes or hotel shuttle bus tickets from the airport ticket collection kiosks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Train stations

Train passengers can pre book train tickets online or on an app to avoid missing their train whilst being stuck in a queue waiting to buy tickets.

Sporting venues

Sports fans don’t want to be waiting in a queue to buy tickets. With the sports venue ticket collection solution your customers can enjoy more of the game.

Car Parks

Car park ticket collection kiosks improve security, reduce queues and even be integrated with car number plate recognition technology.

For more information about our ticketing kiosks please contact us at enquiries@allrightnow.co.uk or 01295 660 566


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