A4 Kiosk – Global Ticket Trading Case Study

Ticketing Kiosk Global Ticket Trading Case Study

We recommended our Right Touch ticketing kiosk to a  global ticket trading / sales web site, needed a method of printing tickets at large UK venues, for fans who had purchased tickets on line at the last moment, or even on their way to the venue. The company had no staff on site and no nearby collection points. There was no cost effective way of the fan getting their ticket for the event, so close to the start time.

The tickets were on the companies site, in the fan’s account as A4 PDF’s. There was no way of changing this.

We consulted in detail with the client as to their exact requirements:

  1. Quick ticket print in A4 directly from their website.
  2. Secure browsing.
  3. Closure of fan’s account after ticket printed, this was set on website at 15 minutes, as many fans printed their tickets at home, rather than in public. The company could not change this on their Global site, so we had to implement it on the ticketing kiosk, locally.
  4. Remote reporting – via email – of ticketing kiosk faults and media low.
  5. Ticketing kiosk in the companies corporate colour.
Kiosk A4 Kiosk Ticketing kiosk

Within 1 week we had selected a suitable A4 thermal printer, modified one of our series 2 Kiosks and were able to demonstrate the ticket printing function direct from the clients site.

The client was impressed with this and gave us an order for an initial run of ticketing Kiosks.

We then developed software in Linux that enabled complete lock down of the ticketing kiosk to allow only the clients site to be browsed and prevented a fan’s account from being left open.

We also wrote a routine email to selected company staff when media was low, or if there was a Kiosk fault.

We delivered and commissioned the kiosks at several large venues 6 weeks later, and we provide a next day, 7 days a week, on site maintenance service, giving them peace of mind as they will get an immediate response should any problems arise.

Thousands of tickets for fans have since been successfully issued by these kiosks.

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Bob Gwyn – Product Manager Kiosks, All Right Now Ltd